How TO Go to Germany
07.12.2013 02:28

If you are a citizen of any of the member countries of the European Union or any of them have with Germany an agreement , such as Honduras , Iceland , Liechtenstein , Monaco , Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, United States , not 'll need a visa to enter the country . If you're a non-EU citizen need a visa to enter and you must apply to the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

Even if you are an EU citizen , you must submit an application to the foreign office in Germany ( Ausländerbehörde ) , accompanied by a passport or identity card , your statement of residence , 4 current photographs and a statement from your employer . This permit is valid for five years but may be limited to the lifetime of your employment contract.

In Germany there different types of visas and permits and if you can not apply for a change then the other guy, so for example, if you enter with a tourist visa you can not transform it into a student visa . If you are abroad and want to study in Germany in the country 3 different types of visa :
Student visa that is valid for one year

To get this visa you will need proof of admission to any of the German universities with appropriate clarification of funding your studies is guaranteed.

Visa for German courses

This visa is maintained in its original form , then can not handle or attempt to convert student visa .

Visa for those applying for a place at a university or home study

This visa is valid even if the admission was not confirmed. After college confirms your registration, you must appear before the Bureau of Immigration ( Ausländeramt ) to apply for a student visa .At reaching Germany you can rent a car with http://www.germanycarrentalsite.com


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